Where to stay near venice?

Dana Medhurst asked a question: Where to stay near venice?
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  • If you’re looking for convenience and atmosphere, the best area to stay in Venice is the San Marco neighborhood, around Piazza San Marco. In San Marco, you’ll be within walking distance of many of the major sites such as St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark's Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and Rialto Bridge .


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💉 Where to stay in venice italy near train station?

What train station is near Venice?

  • The Venice-Mestre Train Station is located on the Italian mainland, directly across the channel from Venice Italy . A shuttle train service connects Venice-Mestre on the mainland via a causeway to Venice's other train station (Santa Lucia Train Station) on the island of Venice.

💉 Where to stay in venice near piazza san marco?

  • Some of the best hotels in Venice near Piazza San Marco include Residenza Ca' Brighella, Rosa Salva Hotel and Morettino.

💉 Venice italy where to stay?

  • San Marco is the best area to stay in Venice, Italy. It’s the heart of the city and its main tourist area. San Marco features all the iconic landmarks – Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark’s Basilica. Don’t forget to buy tickets for Doge’s Palace in advance (the waiting lines are huge).

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Where to stay near siena italy?
  • Budget-conscious travelers headed to Siena should consider staying at Hotel Tre Donzelle, which boasts a central location, 19th-century architectural charms, and comfy, brightly-lit accommodations — all for a very reasonable price point.
Where to stay near verona italy?

Where to stay in Verona Italy?

  • The best place to stay in Verona is the Historic Centre, where you will be surrounded by roman ruins, charming churches and some of Verona´s most prized architectural gems, as well as being close to the star attraction: Verona Arena (Arena di Verona), declared a UNESCO world heritage site.
Does it matter where you stay in venice?

Venice is wonderfully walkable, but getting from the northern fringes of Cannaregio to Piazza San Marco can be time-consuming. There are excellent hotels all over the city, though many of the best are concentrated in the most popular sestieri… Some of the city's most important churches are found here, too.

Where does rick steves stay in venice italy?

Where to stay in Venice?

  • If you decide to stay in Venice proper, check out Locanda Fiorita. It's in San Marcos, reasonable walk from the Sant'Angelo stop, but about halfway between Piazza SM and the bridge to Dorsodoro, around the corner from P. Santo Stefano. Close enough to stuff but away from the main crowds.
Where to stay at the port of venice?
  • Port of Venice in Italy – Where to Stay ? 1 AC Hotel Venezia by Marriott ★★★ 2 Hotel Olimpia Venice, BW Signature Collection ★★★ 3 Sina Palazzo Sant’Angelo ★★★★ 4 Baglioni Hotel Luna – The Leading Hotels of the World ★★★★★. For cruise guests arriving in by train, it’s recommended to get off at the train in Mestre…
Where to stay in venice italy before cruise?

Which is the best hotel near the cruise port in Venice?

  • 4 Top Hotels near Venice Cruise Port 1. AC Hotel Venezia by Marriott ★★★ Distance from Cruise Port : 15 minutes (Piazzale Roma area)
Is venice near tuscany?

The distance between Venice and Tuscany is 108 miles (137 km), and it's best done via high-speed train to Florence… You can make stops in places like Bologna and Ferrara, and then once you arrive in Tuscany, waste no time at all by continuing your road trip.

Where to stay near cruise port italy?
  • Situated part way between the centre of Ravenna and the cruise port, a stay at The Grand Hotel Mattei offers the best of both worlds. This modern, 124-room hotel is only 3km from the mosaics in town and a 13-minute drive from the cruise ships.
Where to stay near duomo di salerno?
  • Albergo del Centro Storico, Hotel Montestella 1914, and Villa Poseidon - Boutique Hotel & Events are some of the most popular hotels for travelers looking to stay near Duomo di Salerno. See the full list: Hotels near Duomo di Salerno.
Where to stay near naples italy airport?
  • La Cheminee Business Hotel is a great example of Naples Italy airport lodging that is both well located and reasonably priced. It is situated less than a mile from Capodichino International, so it is a perfect location if you have an early flight and want to stay close to the airport.
Where are the best places to stay in venice?
  • San Marco – Where to stay in Venice for first timers. The best area for tourists who are deciding where to stay in Venice for one night is the San Marco area. The majority of Venice attractions are located in this region, which centers around St. Mark’s Square.
Where can i stay in venice with a pet?
  • Some of the most popular pet-friendly hotels in Venice are Santa Croce Boutique Hotel, Hotel Nani Mocenigo Palace, and Ca' Pisani Hotel. See the full list: Pet Friendly Hotels in Venice. What are the best cheap hotels in Venice? Popular cheap hotels in Venice include HOTEL OLIMPIA Venice, Residence Corte Grimani,...
Where did george and amal clooney stay in venice?
  • The Alcova Tiepolo suite at the Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice. George Clooney once told People that Venice is “the most romantic city in the world,” so after he met now wife Amal Clooney in Italy, it was only natural that the famous couple chose the floating city for their 2014 nuptials.
Where is the best part of venice to stay?
  • #1 San Marco – Where to stay in Venice first time.
  • #2 Cannaregio – Where to stay in Venice on a budget.
  • #3 Dorsoduro – Best area to stay in Venice for nightlife.
  • #4 Castello – Coolest place to stay in Venice.
  • #5 San Polo – Best area to stay in Venice for families.
  • Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Venice.
Where is the best place to stay in venice?
  • Ultimately, the best places to stay in Venice are those in the two central sestieri of San Marco and San Polo. Because Venice is a labyrinth of canals and small streets, you’re not going to want to stay far from the main sights or a vaporetto stop, which these two neighborhoods provide.
Where is the safest place to stay in venice?
  • If you visit Venice during these times, the safest option is to choose a hotel in the upper part of town, close to the railway station or Piazzale Roma. Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Venice.
Where to stay near the duomo in florence?
  • This part of Florence is so small, that you pretty much walk everywhere! You can stay by the main train station called Santa Maria Novella (SMN) and just be 5 minutes from the Duomo. If you're right by the Duomo, you'd be just 5 minutes from Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio. These are all walking distance times!
Where to park near the train station in venice?
  • Another parking Near the train station of Mestre (Mestre-Venezia) is Mestre - Belt Park 2. A car park in the open air, you can keep your keys, and you have a shuttle bus that goes to and from Venice. Marghera - Pili 2000 Park and Green Park Towing Service: Located just before the long bridge Della Libertà (before you enter Venice) on the right.
What airports are near venice?
  • Major airports near Venice, Italy: The nearest major airport is Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE / LIPZ). Another major airport is Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport (TSF / LIPH), which has international and domestic flights and is 37 km from Venice, Italy.
Where is a good place to stay in venice italy?

Best Places to stay in Venice Italy

  • If you’re looking for convenience and atmosphere, the best area to stay in Venice is the San Marco neighborhood, around Piazza San Marco . In San Marco, you’ll be within walking distance of many of the major sites such as St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark's Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and Rialto Bridge .
Where is the cheapest place to stay in venice italy?
  • Cheaper and more budget friendly accommodation can be found in nearby Mestre (mainland), or close to the Marco Polo international airport. Venice Marco Polo Airport — the main international airport is located approximately 10km or 6,2mi north of Venice. From the airport you can get to the city by either land or sea.
How can i stay in venice?
  1. San Marco. The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice…
  2. San Polo. Palazzo Morosini Degli Spezieri…
  3. Santa Croce. Hotel Olimpia Venice…
  4. Cannaregio. Hotel Eurostars Residenza Cannaregio…
  5. Castello. Hotel Sant'Antonin…
  6. Dorsoduro. Palazzo Veneziano…
  7. Guidecca…
  8. Top Sights in Venice.
How long to stay in venice?
  • 10 things to consider when deciding how many days to spend in Venice.#1 Do you want to avoid the crowds? ...
  • A few hours in Venice. If you're just visiting Venice for a few hours,you'll want to concentrate your time around St Mark's Square.
  • One full day in Venice…
  • 2 days in Venice…
  • 3 days in Venice…
  • 4 or more days in Venice…