Where can i find civil records in italy?

Dean Pagac asked a question: Where can i find civil records in italy?
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  • Portale Antenati ( English, Italian ). This family history website is sponsored by the Italian government to give access to Italian civil records digitized at the State Archives. Civil record-taking in Italy has a long history. Currently, records from the following periods (and others) are being made available.


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💉 When were civil records first kept in italy?

  • Villalatina: Images of Tombstones in the Cemetery Comuni from the former Papal States In these places Civil Records started to be kept after 1861. Previously all births, marriages and deaths were recorded by parishes.

💉 Where can i find marriage records in italy?

  • Browse an alphabetical list of San Cataldo, Sicilia, Italy marriage records from 1866-1875. 1800s and early 1900s marriage, birth and death indexes for Santa Caterina Villarmosa, Sicilia, Italy. Browse Sersale, Calabria, Italy birth, marriage and death records by year. Use this IntestigArte service to search for stolen artwork in Italy.

💉 Where to find family history records in italy?

  • It is part of the Italian culture to settle in one place, marry people from within the same community, live in the same ancestral home and pass on the same trade to the next generation. As a result, today we may be able to trace a family as far back as the late 1500s by researching records in the same town.

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Did italy have a civil war?
  • Italian Civil War. The expression Italian Civil War is used to define the period between September 2, 1943, the date of the armistice of Cassibile, and May 2, 1945, the date of the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, including forces under their control in Italy.
How to civil wedding venice italy?
  • A civil wedding ceremony in Venice, as in whole Italy, involves reading out the articles of the Italian Civil Code concerning marriage, and reciting the traditional wedding vows: the ceremony must be performed in Italian by a civil officer, and simultaneously translated to your native language by an interpreter.
How to get birth records from italy?

How do you search for birth records?

  • Citizens can search a birth record for free by contacting the vital records office for the state of birth. This is a state office that keeps and issues copies of various records that take place in the state. These include records for births, deaths and marriages.
How to obtain vital records in italy?
  • How to Obtain Vital Records in Italy. Under Italian law, records of births, marriages, and deaths are maintained by the Registrar of Vital Statistics ( Ufficio dello Stato Civile) in the city ( comune or municipio) where the event occurred. There is no central, regional, or provincial office established which keeps such records.
What is a civil wedding in italy?
  • A civil wedding in Italy, is a memorable and unique experience, thanks to the beauty of some Italian Town Halls. A declaration must be presented to the Town Hall prior to the wedding. This usually takes place one or two days, in advance of the wedding.
When did civil registration start in italy?

In central and northern Italy, civil registration began in 1866 (1871 in Veneto). After this date, virtually all individuals who lived in Italy were recorded.

Which is the best site to find italian records?
  • Although FamilySearch has the largest online collection of Italian records, Ancestry.com has some unique Italian collections. (If you have a FamilySearch account through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, learn more about how to access your free Ancestry account.)
Are there any other church records in italy?
  • All references to church records in Italy, unless otherwise specified, refer to Catholic records. For more information about other churches in Italy, see Italy Church History. Unfortunately some Italian church records were destroyed in the various wars throughout Italy’s history.
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Are there any cemetery records left unedited in italy?
  • These cemetery records and transcriptions have been left unedited for purposes of illustrating what the original records reflect. To contribute additional Italy cemetery records, please visit our Publishing Guidelines.
Can i email casacalenda molise italy for criminal records?

Where can I find information about Casacalenda?

  • Town of Casacalenda. Information about Casacalenda. ZIP Code: 86043 - Town Hall address: Corso Roma 78, Phone: ++39 0874 841456, Fax: ++39 0874 841456, E-Mail: [email protected]
How to get your grandparents birth records from italy?

Because Italian towns and parishes created nearly all genealogically useful records, your research will most likely lead you to the Town Vital Records Office for the community where your ancestors lived. Use Comuni-Italiani to find the contact information of municipal offices throughout Italy.

What kind of records are in campobasso molise italy?
  • Most of your genealogical research for Campobasso, Molise will be in two main record types: civil registration (registri dello stato civile) and church records (registri ecclesiastici). This article will teach you methods for locating and searching these two record groups.
When did birth and death records start in italy?
  • In southern Italy, civil authorities began registering births, marriages, and deaths in 1809 (1820 in Sicily). In central and northern Italy, civil registration began in 1866 (1871 in Veneto). After this date, virtually all individuals who lived in Italy were recorded.
Is a civil or catholic wedding in italy legal?
  • Civil ceremonies and Catholic ceremonies are both legally binding. Making Italia a great choice for any of you wanting a church wedding with a little more sun. For some gorgeous church weddings in Italy inspiration check out Mery & Claudio's and Rebecca & Mateo's real weddings.
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In return for military aid, the Nationalist agreed to allow Italy to establish bases in Spain if there was a war with France. Over the next three months Mussolini sent to Spain 130 aircraft, 2,500 tons of bombs, 500 cannons, 700 mortars, 12,000 machine-guns, 50 whippet tanks and 3,800 motor vehicles.

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  • General Francisco Franco blamed the Italians for the Nationalist defeat and banned them from operating again as an independent unit in Spain. He insisted that in future the Italians would have to operate in larger units made up primarily of Spanish troops and commanded by Spanish generals.
Where to have a civil wedding in florence?
  • Civil weddings are performed in the Sala Rossa of the Palazzo Vecchio on the city’s most important square: the Piazza della Signoria. Your Florence Catholic wedding can be celebrated in one of the finest Renaissance churches filled with artistic treasures.
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  • Italian News Websites. ANSA.it. Rome News Tribune. The Italian Tribune. Florence Daily News. Bologna Press | News in English for Bologna, Italy.
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