What to wear in venice italy august?

Genoveva O'Keefe asked a question: What to wear in venice italy august?
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  • Slacks or knee length shorts, nice shirt for men. Skirt, capri, or palazzo style pants with blouse or top for women. Comfortable walking shoes. I have been in Venice twice in August and it was very very hot when I was there.

What to pack for Venice in summer (June, July, August)

  • Light, breathable summer dresses/skirts.
  • Long linen pants.
  • T-shirts and strappy tops.
  • A light shawl to cover your shoulders in churches.
  • Underwear and socks.
  • Nightwear.
  • A wide brim hat.
  • Mosquito repellent – Venice has voracious mosquitoes with all those canals.

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