What northern italy like compared to southern italy?

Austen Johnson asked a question: What northern italy like compared to southern italy?
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💉 What divides northern and southern italy?

Po River

💉 Is northern italy richer than southern italy?

Most likely since Milan is on the Northern part of Italy and is responsible for high-end manufacturing

💉 Is northern italy wealthier than southern italy?

of course it is

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What is the distance from northern italy to southern italy?

The distance on mainland Italy (excluding Sicily and its southern islands), from the northernmost capitol city of a province Bolzano to the same southernmost Reggio Calabria, by car is 1320Km. From the the main cities of the north and the south Milan and Naples distance is 774Km, by car. From Napoli to Palermo (Sicily) is 725Km.

Is tuscany in northern or southern italy?
  • Northern is the part that's not out on the peninsula - roughly everything north of Bologna (or more technically, the Po River). Southern Italy is generally thought to be everything from Naples to Foggia south. Everything in between northern and southern is central, which includes Tuscany and Rome.
Is venice in southern or northern italy?


How was northern italy economically different from southern italy?

north is rich and industrial & south is poor and agricultural

What's the difference between northern italy and southern italy?
  • Southern Italy, we'd be considering Naples/Amalfi Coast. Italy is generally thought of as being in three sections: northern, central and southern. Northern is the part that's not out on the peninsula - roughly everything north of Bologna (or more technically, the Po River).
What was the culture of northern and southern italy?
  • The Arabs, Greeks and Spanish ruled southern Italy while the French, Celts and Germanic tribes ruled the North. Because of this, the culture, customs and cuisines were highly influenced by these different countries, though the term is often used lightly in conversation, it continues to create a divide between regions.
Are northern and southern italy two different countries?
  • At first glance, Italy may seem like two separate countries. Some say that comparing northern and southern Italy is like comparing “New York and backwoods Mississippi.” It’s important to do research on a country before you land for business negotiations. But what if that one country, Italy for example, has two very exclusive cultures?
Did the northern renaissance spread to southern italy?

The Renaissance began in northern Italy and then spread through Europe.The term Renaissance, literally means "rebirth".

Is italy in the southern or northern hemisphere?


Is italy northern southern eastern or western europe?

If there is a "Southern Europe" to be considered, then certainly Italy is in Southern Europe. The real question is whether Italy is Western Europe or Eastern Europe. Geographically and politically, it is tempting to label Italy as Western Europe, however, sociologically, Italy is better classified as Eastern Europe.

Is italy part of northern or southern europe?

Definitions of Southern Europe, also known as Mediterranean Europe, include countries and regions such as: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Southern France (and ...

Are there more roads in southern italy or northern italy?

sothern italy

How do pastas in northern italy differ from southern italy?

How do the pastas served in Northern Italy differ from those served in Southern Italy? In northern Italy, pasta Bolognese are served. These fat, ribbon-shaped pastas are usually made at home and contain egg. In southern Italy, pasta naploetania are served.

What are the economic differences between northern and southern italy?

the prices the northern part is dearer than the south.

Is the name vigliotti from northern or southern italy?


Is tuscany from northern or southern part of italy?

It is in the Northwestern region of Italy.

Why are there divisions between northern and southern italy?

Northern wages were about 15% higher than southern wages, inclusive of the islands, and 20% higher if we consider only the mainland south. This implies that the origins of the Italian north-south divide preceded political unification and were rooted in the long-run economic history of the different areas.

How is the industry different in northern italy and southern italy?

Northern Italy is more economically advanced than southern Italy. The reason for this is that the north has more links with the rest of Europe, and the flat plains just south of the Alps provide suitable land to build on. Another reason is that the rivers running down from the Alps provide water power for factories and houses for the people working in the factories. This makes it a more highly populated and highly economically strong than the south.

What are the things that southern italy has got that northern italy hasn't?

Where southern Italy has less big industries, northern Italy has less touristic & cultural destinations.

What is the climate like in southern italy?

Southern Italy is largely characterized by the typical Mediterranean climate made up of mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers… Along the coasts overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the climate of southern Italy is of a warm Mediterranean type with long, hot and very dry summers.

What is cell service like in northern italy?

Do you need cell phone service in Italy?

  • Cell Phone Service When Traveling in Italy. Cell phones are handy to have when traveling in Italy. Whether you want to stay in touch with people at home, phone ahead for reservations, or just have a phone for emergencies, taking a cell phone with you when you travel is a good idea.
What is the climate like in northern italy?

Along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, that is, along the coast of Liguria and Tuscany, the climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, dry summers.