What is the reggio emilia approach?

Marvin Carroll asked a question: What is the reggio emilia approach?
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💉 What is the area of reggio emilia?

The area of Reggio Emilia is 231 square kilometers.

💉 What is the population of reggio emilia?

The population of Reggio Emilia is 168,885.

💉 What is the theoretical framework for reggio emilia?

The theoretical framework for Reggio Emilia is based on the belief that children are naturally curious and full of information. The teacher is there to guide and coach in discovery through a self-guided curriculum.

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Reggio Emilia philosophy is based upon the following set of principles: * Children must have some control over the direction of their learning; * children must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing; * children have a relationship with other children and with material items in the world that children must be allowed to explore; * and children must have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves See Reggio Emilia approach on wikipedia.com

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Child luther owen peter was born in italy reggio emilia 2002 june 27?

When was Reggio Emilia born?

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What region is reggio di calabria?

It's not a region it a either a city or a province in South of Italy. Where is the area of Jahimoli in Reggio di Calabria?

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What is the area of emilia-romagna?

The area of Emilia-Romagna is 22,446 square kilometers.

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Is reggio calabria in sicily?

Reggio is located on the "toe" of the Italian Peninsula and is separated from the island of Sicily by the Strait of Messina. It is situated on the slopes of the Aspromonte, a long, craggy mountain range that runs up through the centre of the region.

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What is the main airport in reggio calabria?

The main airport in Reggio Calabria is called the Reggio Calabria International Airport or the Aeroporto del Stretto "Tito Minniti."

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What languages are spoken in emilia-romagna italy?


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Where is sassuolo in emilia romagna, italy?

  • Sassuolo ( Italian pronunciation: [sasˈswɔːlo]; Modenese: Sasól [saˈsoːl]) is an Italian town, comune, and industrial centre of the Province of Modena in Emilia-Romagna. The town stands on the right bank of the river Secchia some 17 kilometres (11 mi) southwest of Modena.

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What are the best things to do in reggio calabria?

  • What are the top attractions to visit in Reggio Calabria? The top attractions to visit in Reggio Calabria are: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria. Lungomare Falcomatà.

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How often are earthquakes in emilia romagna italy?

  • In the past 1,000 years, there have been about 260 earthquakes of magnitude Mw equal to or greater than 5.5 — on average once every four years. Besides natural plate movements, fracking is also a possible cause of the latest seismic phenomenon in regions like Emilia Romagna.

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Where is argenta located in emilia romagna italy?

  • Argenta ( Argentano: Arzènta) is a town and comune in the province of Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna. It is located about 30 kilometres (19 miles) southeast of Ferrara, and midway between Ferrara and Ravenna . Argenta is situated in a flat agricultural region near the Valli di Comacchio lagoon wetlands.

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Where is the airport in reggio calabria located?

  • Number of movements, number of passengers and freight traffic: The Reggio Calabria Airport is approximately 5 kilometres south from Reggio's historic city centre. It is accessible by car or public transport. The airport is reachable in 7 minutes by regional trains from Reggio Calabria Centrale or Melito di Porto Salvo.

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Which is the best hotel in reggio calabria?

  • Popular hotels close to Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria include Hotel Palace Masoanri’s, Grand Hotel Excelsior, and LH Hotel Lido. See the full list: Hotels near Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria.

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Are there any flights from milan to reggio calabria?

  • In March 2017, Alitalia announced it would terminate all 56 weekly flights to and from the airport (to Milan, Rome and Turin) stating all routes were heavily loss-making. However, this decision was revoked shortly after.

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Is there a ferry from messina to reggio calabria?

  • Reggio Calabria is a ferry port for the short crossing to Messina, from Sicily or elsewhere. Ferries run frequently and don't usually require reservations. A couple of the best ferry companies to book with are Caronte & Tourist and Meridiano Lines.

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Which american companies have offices in emilia romagna italy?

there are a lot or all! because Emilia Romagna is very industrialized

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Where is villa san giovanni reggio di calabria province italy?

reggio calabria reggio calabria beaches

Villa San Giovanni is located in: Italia, Calabria, Reggio di Calabria, Villa San Giovanni. Find detailed maps for Italia , Calabria , Reggio di Calabria , Villa San Giovanni on ViaMichelin, along with road traffic and weather information, the option to book accommodation and view information on MICHELIN restaurants and MICHELIN Green Guide ...

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What are the release dates for lidia's italy - 2007 sunday dinner in emilia romagna?

Lidia's Italy - 2007 Sunday Dinner in Emilia Romagna was released on: US 26 September 2009

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How best to approach the amalfi coast?

  • The easiest way to reach the Amalfi Coast is from Naples, either by bus, train or car . You can also reach the Amalfi Coast by boat from Sorrento. It is important to note that schedules for all forms of transportation vary greatly depending on the season so confirm routes and times prior to your arrival.

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What are italians?

Italians are people in or from the country of Italy.

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What are lamborghinis?

A car company

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What borders italy?

italy borders map italy countryside

france, switzerland, austria :)OK Austria,Switzerland,France and Slovenia border Italy.

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What grows umbria?

Wheat and spelt, pearl barley, grapes, olives, lentils, red potatoes, sunflowers and fruits and vegetables of all kinds grow well in the fertile lands of Umbria, and provide the basis for hearty Umbrian cooking. The black truffle holds serious weight as an easy-to-find delicacy in the area, along with white truffles.

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