What app do you use to purchase land in italy?

Violette Paucek asked a question: What app do you use to purchase land in italy?
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What's the best way to buy a property in Italy?

  • 1 Raise the finance by borrowing against an asset you own in another country and paying cash for your Italian property. 2 Buy a property where the developer offers finance. 3 Find a property where the private owner is willing to accept a deposit now and have the rest paid off in instalments over a number of years, typically two to ...

Are there any travel apps for Italy?

  • This article may contain compensated links. See our full disclosure here Getting ready for your trip to Italy and want to download some apps? Here is our guide to the best travel apps for Italy. We’ve included apps for navigation, transport, tours, eating and more. All apps mentioned are free to download unless otherwise mentioned.

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