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💉 Where are the sassi caves in basilicata italy?

  • In the remote southern Italian region of Basilicata is the unique and ancient cave-city of Matera, famous for its sassi (stone houses carved out of the caves and cliffs). Haunting and beautiful, the sassi sprawl below the rim of a yawning ravine like a giant nativity scene.

💉 What to see and do in matera, basilicata?

  • MUSMA, Museum of Contemporary Sculptures of Matera, is maybe the most important museum of the town. It’s situated inside the 16th-century Palazzo Pomarici, in the heart of the sassi. Spend the Night in a Boutique Hotel Built Inside a Cave. The most romantic thing to do in Matera is to book a hotel room in the sassi.

💉 When did stigliano become the capital of basilicata?

  • The powerful Neapolitan family of the Carafa acquired it in 1289. In 1556 the whole fief passed under the Spanish Dukes the Medina, who made it capital of the Basilicata province.

💉 What is the difference between basilica and basilicata?

Basilica is a Roman public building flanked by columns and aisles. Basilicata is a mountainous region in south Italy.

💉 What kind of peppers are grown in basilicata italy?

  • Peperoni cruschi are flakes of crumbled fried heirloom peppers grown around Senise in the Italian region of Basilicata. Small, red, elongated, and slightly curvy Senise peppers have a sweet flavor with only a hint of heat.

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