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💉 Did raphael die?


💉 Where was raphael born?


💉 Where did raphael die?


💉 Where is raphael from?


💉 Did raphael sanzio travel?

Urbino, Florence, Rome, not very long journeys.

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Where did raphael sanzio grow up?

The artist known simply as Raphael was born Raffaello Sanzio on April 6, 1483, in Urbino, Italy. His father, Giovanni Santi, was a painter for the Duke of Urbino. Giovanni taught his son basic painting techniques and exposed him to the principles of humanistic philosophy at the Duke of Urbinoâ??s court. When Raphael was eleven years old, Giovanni died, and Raphael took over his fatherâ??s workshop. His success quickly surpassed his fatherâ??s. At age seventeen, he was asked to be an apprentice to Perugino in Perugia, in the Umbria region of central Italy. This apprenticeship lasted four years.

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What was raphael sanzio's father's name?

His father Giovanni Santi was court painter to the Duke of Urbino.

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What was raphael sanzio's most famous painting?

The School of Athens :)

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What other job did raphael sanzio have?

He was fully occupied painting.

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Where is little angels by raphael located?

This painting is actually called "The Sistine Madonna" and the little angels just appear at the bottom of it. Their are just a detail! The painting is much larger. If you do a search with the name of the painting you'll be able to see images of it. This painting is located at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden, Germany.

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Where in europe did raphael sanzio live?

he was born in Ufino, but lived in Florence, Italy

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What styles of painting did raphael paint?

He was part of the Italian High Renaissance.

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What has the author anton raphael mengs written?

Anton Raphael Mengs has written: 'Antonio Rafael Mengs 1728-1779' -- subject- s -: Exhibitions 'Sketches on the art of painting' 'Anton Raphael Mengs' -- subject- s -: German Painting 'Opere di Antonio Raffaello Mengs ..' -- subject- s -: Painting, Early works to 1800

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Why do michelangelo and raphael hate each other?

They didn't quite hate eachother. When Raphael arrived in Rome, Michelangelo was painting the sistine chapel. Michelangelo disliked Raphael at first because he believed that Raphael had sneaked a peek at his work on the ceiling and that his style was demonstrated in Raphael's work in the Papal Library and other rooms.

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Where was madonna del granduca by raphael painted?

It was painted in Florence, Italy.

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What is a major painting created by raphael?

One example is 'The School of Athens'.

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In what city was the artist raphael born?

In Urbino, Italy.

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What did raphael sanzio urbino believe in religion?


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What was raphael sanzio da urbino major contribution?


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Which painting by raphael has leonardo depicted as plato?

"School of Athens"

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Did raphael travel around the world for his paintings?

No, he stayed in Italy - Florence and Rome.

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How did raphael contribute to the revolution with in art?

Raphael influenced the Renaissance Period with his painting, The School of Athens. The School of Athens was a new type of painting, it was not connected to the church and had nothing to do with famous figures in history. Raphael's painting was modern for the time because it was a picture of scientists and philosophers, not figures from the church. Also, the painting supports humanism in a way that Raphael was looking at the world in a different way.

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Why did raphael paint the cherubs on the sistine chapel?

He did not. Raphael did no work in the Sistine Chapel. The little cherubs are part of a Raphael painting called the 'Sistine Madonna', which is in a completely different place.

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What theme of painting was most famous for by raphael?

classical paintings

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What type of techniques did raphael use in his paintings?

Oil painting.

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Raphael first became the master of what style of painting?


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What was the various influences of the master painter raphael?

His very first influence was his teacher.He came from a family of artist his father was a painter also.And other influences came from artist such as Michelangelo.He was 37 years old when he died.

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Why did raphael want to be buried in the pantheon?

  • Raphael, as he is known in English speaking circles, had asked to be buried in the Pantheon, and his request was granted, making him the first artist to be accorded such an honour. Raphael's epitaph hails him as a preeminent painter and rival of the ancients; it also implies that he died on his birthday, which may or may not be true.

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Why was the painting 'the school of athens' by raphael made?

Pope Julius II commissioned him to.

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What does the painting angels by raphael have to do with the renaissance?

Simply that Raphael lived during the Renaissance.

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How did raphael used implied shapes as an important compositional element in his painting the madonna of the meadows?

Raphael the mdonna of the meadows is composed using the implied shape of a?

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