Population pyramid of italy?

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💉 Population of italy?

POPULATION: 60,642,308

💉 Most population in italy?

the population in Italy is 58,751,711 million

💉 Population of naples italy?

The nickname of Naples, Italy is Partenope, and the city is relatively small, covering 45.28 square miles. The current population of Naples is estimated to be 1,061,644.

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How many population live in italy?

60.23 milion people now reside in Italy, as of June 2009

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How much muslim population in italy?

  • According to a 2016 Pew Research Center projection and Brookings, there are 1,400,000 Muslims in Italy (2.3% of the Italian population), almost one third of Italy's foreign population (250.000 have acquired Italian citizenship). The majority of Muslims in Italy are Sunni, with a Shi'ite minority. There are also a few Ahmadi Muslims in the country.

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Is the population of italy poor?

Depends on how you measure the wealth.

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Wha5t is the population in italy?

The population of Italy is 61.1 million people. The median age is 43.3 years and the life expectancy is 82.4 years.

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What is population of lucca italy?


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What is population of rome italy?

roman empire roman republic

58,145,320 people (July 2008)

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What is the population fo italy?

Italy has a population of 58751711 people

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What is the population if italy?

The current population of Italy is 59,802,217 in 2016.

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What is the population of italy?

The population of Italy in 2016 was 60.6 million.

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Why did italy population decline 2012?

Why is the population of Italy decreasing?

  • Italy will experience a reduction in its population owing to falling birth rates and rising death rates given the size of the population over 65 years. This coupled with an ageing populace is likely to change consumption patterns considerably. Further relaxation of immigration laws could be one way to combat this problem.

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How has more population italy or sweden?


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What is italy population in urban areas?


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What is the black population of italy?

African emigrants to Italy include Italian citizens and residents originally from Africa. Immigrants from Africa officially residing in Italy in 2015 numbered about 1,000,000 residents. Afro-Italians (Afroitaliani) are born and are raised in Italy, citizen of African descent or of mixed African and Italian roots.

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What is the current population of italy?

The current population of Italy is 58 million, making it one of the larger population states in the European Union.

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What is the latest population of italy?


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What is the muslim population in italy?

  • In 2019, roughly 1.6 million Muslims lived in Italy. The most frequent nationality of Muslims living in the country was Moroccan, with 440 thousand people. Islam represented the second most common religion of foreigners nationwide.

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What is the population distribution in italy?

345,45 per 2 sq mile

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What is the population in italy today?

It is about 61 million

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What is the population in rome italy?

the population of the question is 9,452 thousand.

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What is the population of canada italy?

Canda, a municipality from Italy, has a population of 958 inhabitants. The Canda municipality is at 80 km distance from Venice and 20 km distance from Rovigo.

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What is the population of florence italy?

  • Florence Population Demographics. Florence is a city that people love to visit to soak up the classic Italian lifestyle, but it is also home to a resident population that increases in number each year. The current population is 382,808 people with 53% of the population female and 47% male.

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