Is naples worth visiting?

Carli Ortiz asked a question: Is naples worth visiting?
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Naples isn't all negative… Besides its food, Naples also serves as an excellent jumping off point for other more sought-after Italian destinations. Its southern location means the city is close to both Sicily and Sardinia, the ancient ruins of Pompeii, and the beautiful Amalfi Coast.


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💉 Is naples worth visiting italy?

There are some good reasons to visit Naples, though.

It's actually the birthplace of the original wood-fired Neopolitan pizza, making the city worth a visit for die-hard pizza fans… Naples is also home to one of Italy's best archaeological museums: the National Archaeological Museum.

💉 Is naples worth visiting for food?

  • The southern Italian city of Naples dates back to the 2BC. Famous for its architecture and southern Italian style, this beautiful city is also well worth a trip for its food. The Culture Trip looks beyond just pizza and pasta and picks the best local restaurants Naples has to offer.

💉 Is amalfi worth visiting?

Is Amalfi Coast Worth Visiting? The Amalfi Coast is 100% worth visiting! This is true whether you slowly explore the length of the coast over the span of a week or longer, or make a quick long-weekend trip after or before exploring Naples.

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Is modica worth visiting?

A town worth seeing, Modica was built in a ravine where the houses seem to stick to the slope. Not only is Modica known for its countless churches and palaces but also for its excellent chocolate which we love to buy at the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto.

Is pescara worth visiting?
  • Pescara is one of the largest cities along this stretch of coast. The city is located in the region of Abruzzo, Italy. Pescara is the main character in this Adriatic sea’s coastal performance. The Adriatic shore has a great supporting cast, as well, as many towns aligning that are worth visiting in Italy.
Is pisa worth visiting?
  • Whether you’re passing through as part of a larger trip around Italy or are focusing on visiting some smaller Tuscan towns nearby, Pisa is worthy of a visit in its own right.
Is rome worth visiting?

For me, Rome is definitely worth visiting. There are so many things to visit in Rome and all the family will find interesting things to do. If you go Off the Tourist Treadmill, the food is delicious and good value for money. The only problem with Rome is the time you spend in queues.

Is salerno worth visiting?

Salerno is a great location by the sea where one can enjoy city life, good food and go to the picturesque Amalfi coast. Lots of churches and historic places to visit. The restaurants offer very good food and the location is great for shopping both in the Centro Storico and also in the main streets.

Is turin worth visiting?

Turin, in Italy, is a former industrial city that was completely redesigned for the 2006 Olympics. It's now one of the most pleasant Italian cities to visit! Just like other more visited Italian cities such as Rome or Venice, Turin clearly deserves to be visited for a weekend or a few more days.

Is tuscany worth visiting?
  • If you're looking for Italy without the crowds, Tuscany is the place to go. Italy's famous countryside is really all it's cracked up to be, offering travelers spectacular landscapes dotted with romantic, secluded villas and castellos (castles) that house wineries and superb restaurants.
Is venice worth visiting?

Venice is worth visiting… However, this thought never went away during our whole stay in Venice. The beauty of the canals never got old; it truly is something out of this world. If someone were to ask me now if they should visit Venice, I would say absolutely, Venice is worth visiting.

Is verona worth visiting?
  • Verona is home to many impressive historical landmarks from multiple eras and has ties to one of the most famous plays in the world. And yet, Italy is so rich in amazing destinations that the city is often left off of most Italy itineraries. What’s nice about Verona is that you can cover it in a weekend, making it great for a city break.
Is vesuvius worth visiting?

In the year 79 AD, Pompeii was a thriving, middle-class Roman city of around 15,000 people–until it wasn't… Today, Pompeii and the crater of Mount Vesuvius are both extremely popular tourist attractions in Italy and are absolutely unmissable if you're going to be stopping anywhere near Naples on your trip.

Is arezzo italy worth visiting?

Arezzo is a rural centre of Etruscan origin, an hour south east of Florence in Tuscany, Italy. It's well worth a visit, especially since it's easy to reach by train. This makes it an ideal day trip if you're based in Florence. You can see all the major sights in a day, without having to fight through crowds.

Is assisi italy worth visiting?

Assisi is very crowded and very tourism-driven, but it's definitely worth a half-day visit.) ... These towns, along with Orvieto, which I visited a few years ago, are convenient to visit for first-time Italy visitors, with tourist attractions and plenty of English speakers. And LOTS of delicious food, of course!

Is bari italy worth visiting?

With a gorgeous old town, bustling traditional harbour and Italy's best beaches nearby, the Italian port city of Bari is well worth a visit. Add a thriving local food scene and you may never leave...

Is bergamo italy worth visiting?
  • Medieval architecture, local cuisine, and an authentic Italian town a little off the beaten path, Bergamo is a stunning destination in Northern Italy worth of a visit on any trip through the region. Characterised by its Venetian Walls, cobbled lanes, and welcoming ambience, here are seven incredible reasons to visit Bergamo ASAP!
Is bologna italy worth visiting?

Yes, Bologna is worth visiting and here are some reasons why… Bologna is also a city of unique historic architecture found in the porticoes (see number 4), beautiful churches and, of course, the Due Torri (see number 1) which dominate the skyline and are the symbol of Bologna.

Is cortona italy worth visiting?

Cortona is one of the prettiest small towns in Italy and a destination worth visiting for anyone who wants to experience a quintessential Italian historical town, beautiful country views and delicious food.

Is florence italy worth visiting?

For me, Florence is definitely worth visiting. It is a very interesting city with vibrant areas, delicious food and is a treasure trove for art lovers. Florence is also a perfect destination for a relaxing and romantic getaway.

Is gallipoli italy worth visiting?
  • Gallipoli is also known for its traditional underground olive oil mills which are definitely worth a visit. Like most Puglian cathedrals, the Cathedral of St Agatha was originally built in the Puglian Romanesque style during the Norman Age in the 11th century.
Is genoa italy worth visiting?

The Port of Genoa remains Italy's busiest sea port, so it's unsurprising that even in the city itself there's plenty of maritime history to discover… It's well worth a visit, as it is one of Italy's most important (and tallest) lighthouses, and is claimed to be the world's third oldest lighthouse still in operation.

Is it worth visiting bergamo?

Medieval architecture, local cuisine, and an authentic Italian town a little off the beaten path, Bergamo is a stunning destination in Northern Italy worth of a visit on any trip through the region… Local Food in Bergamo is superb!

Is it worth visiting florence?

For me, Florence is definitely worth visiting. It is a very interesting city with vibrant areas, delicious food and is a treasure trove for art lovers. Florence is also a perfect destination for a relaxing and romantic getaway.

Is la spezia worth visiting?

Rick Steves encourages travellers to avoid La Spezia. We spent 2 nights there recently and found it an interesting and worthwhile trip. Close to Cinqua Terra which is only twenty minutes by train, there are lots of hotels and restaurants.

Is lecce italy worth visiting?

Lecce is an amazing city that is definitely worth visiting. Its authentic and humble charm make it an ideal destination for the curious untraveler.

Is lecco italy worth visiting?

Lecco Worth Visiting? Lecco is worthy of a day on its own if you stay there. We loved strolling the beautiful promenade along Lake Como and enjoyed some tasty food and delicious wine. There's scores of ice cream shops that also offer authentic Sicilian style Italian ice, packed with fresh fruit tartness.

Is little italy worth visiting?

Little Italy is worth visiting for the opportunity to enjoy delicious imported Italian specialties and to see the Old St. Patrick's Cathedral. You will also glimpse some of the restaurants and bars made famous by gangsters and members of the Rat Pack. Mulberry Street is probably the neighborhood's most famous street.