Is italian the same thing as european?

Everett Block asked a question: Is italian the same thing as european?
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💉 Is french and italian the same thing?

  • In terms of alphabet an pronunciation, French and Italian are quite different. While French is known for its many vowels, consonants, special letter combinations and the silent letters, Italian has fewer sounds and more consistent rules.

💉 Is the european renaissance the same as the italian renaissance?

Italy is part of Europe

💉 Is christopher columbus european or italian?

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa in Italy (a boot-shaped country well-known to be placed in southern Europe).

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Italian refers to anything from Italy. Italy is one of many countries in Europe. So European refers to a much wider range of things. Therefore Italian and European are not the same thing.

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Are spumante and asti spumante the same thing?

Spumante is Italian sparkling wine. Asti Spumanti is spumanti produced near the town of Asti. So all Asti Spumanti is spumanti but not all spumanti is Asti Spumanti.

Are spanish and italian plugs the same?

Frequency of Electrical Current

The frequency found in Italy and Spain is exactly the same (50 Hz ). Timing devices and appliances that use motors will function as expected under this frequency.

Are spanish and italian the same language?
  • Spanish and Italian are different languages and it is only when one comes to learning them that their distinction is fully understood. Both these languages have different vocabularies, grammar, different pronunciation, different spelling etc.
What makes italian cuisine distinct than other european countries?

The cuisine is influenced by the French style of cooking Lord and butter are commonly used in dishes along with garlic fresh raw vegetables and truffles. The people of this region love food. It also produces a wide variety of cheese. Grains are the main produce and it is the largest rice producing area of Italy.

Is there such a thing as an italian noble?
  • The typical American who boasts of a "noble" lineage in Italy dating from the Middle Ages based on genealogical research "by experts in Italy" is the victim of such deception.
Is there such a thing as italian fish soup?
  • Italian fish soup : a hearty winter warmer. This authentic recipe for Italian fish soup is the original basis for the American ‘Cioppino’ (sometimes ‘Ciopino’) recipe. It's a delicious, healthy, low-fat addition to our virtual Italian cook-book.
What's the most important thing for an italian woman?
  • To most Italian women, being a mother is very important and is a role they take extremely seriously. Even women who are not a mother themselves still value the importance of the role of mothers within an Italian family. 8. Italian Women Prefer a Natural Look Presenting themselves well is essential to most Italian women.
Is mount venus the same thing as mount vesuvius?

No. Mount Venus is a megalithic site in Ireland. Mount Vesuvius is a volcano in Italy.

Differences between the italian renaissance and the northern european renaissance?

Northern Renaissance: nation-states Italy: city-states Northern: strongly influenced by church Italy: less influenced by church Northern: began after Italy Italy: began before Northern Northern: focused on bible, church Italy: focused on classics (Greek/Roman)

Is italy leather and italian leather the same?

no italy and italian are to different things

Is there such a thing as an italian dress code?
  • Italians are very fashion-conscious, but more importantly, they are very respectful of traditions and customs, which translates in the way they dress. This means there is no such thing as an Italian dress code, but rather imperceptible, tacit rules, which may remain unnoticed for the untrained eye.
How many major trophies have italian clubs won in european football?
  • Italian clubs have won 48 major European trophies, making Italy the second most successful country in European football. Italy's top-flight club football league is named Serie A and is followed by millions of fans around the world.
Is the italian and mexican flag the same green?
  • Both flags have the same color , but the flag of Mexico has darker shades of red and green. These flags have different proportions with the Mexican flag being longer shaped while the Italian has a squarish shape.
Can you be black and italian at the same time?
  • To be black and Italian at the same time is a new reality the Italian society is still struggling to accept. Adoption and increase in the number of mixed marriages between Italians and Africans are gradually leading to an increase in the number of Black Italian children, the so-called Afro-Italians.
Is the italian lira the same as the french franc?
  • Also called the lira, it was subdivided into 20 soldi or 100 centesimi. However, this lira was equal to the French franc and the Sardinian lira, and it circulated alongside the latter. It weighed 5 grams, and had a purity of 9/10 of silver. Since 1861, Parma has used the equivalent Italian lira .
Is the italian mafia the same as the american mafia?
  • For the Italian-American counterpart also known as the Mafia or Cosa Nostra, see American Mafia. For similar organizations generally, see Mafia. ‹ The template Infobox criminal organization is being considered for merging . ›
What phrases accurately describe italian renaissance ideas that influenced northern european and thought?

The Italian Renaissance started a new interest in the literature and art of the classical world. People became interested in reading works from ancient Greece and Rome again.

Can the italian children of italian widows retain italian citizenship?
  • Law 555 of 1912 contains a provision causing the Italian children of Italian widows to retain their Italian citizenship if the widow should acquire a new citizenship by remarrying, to be found in article 12.
Was marco polo european?

His home was Venice, Italy.

How were they the same german and italian unification and the austrian-hungarian dual monarchy?

Germany first made a unification with Austria-Hungarian in 1879, later in 1882 Italy joined this unification. They were now alliances.

How did italian imperialism affect the italian empire?
  • Italian imperialism was later shaped by Fascist doctrines of governance and social policy, which affected methods of administration and treatment of the indigenous African population. Italy’s colonial experience forced Italians to confront the presence of non-Europeans within the Italian Empire.