How much does a lamborghini from italy cost?

Sarah Ortiz asked a question: How much does a lamborghini from italy cost?
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How much does a lamborghini cost ?

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Lamborghini is an Italian car brand known for manufacturing some of the most luxurious sports cars in the market. Typical Lamborghinis go for about $200,000. Luxurious does mean that there is a heavy price tag associated with the brand.


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  • 2020 Lamborghini Urus. Base price: US$203,995 /Engine: 4L twin-turbocharged V8 / Power: 641 hp @ 6,000 rpm / Torque: 627 lb-ft @ 2,250 rpm / 0-60 mph: 3.2 sec / 0-100 mph: 7.6 sec / Top Speed: 190 mph…
  • 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD.

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  • Specifications. 2019 Lamborghini Urus. VEHICLE TYPE front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback. PRICE AS TESTED $243,377 (base price : $203,995)

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Buying my first lamborghini! huracan sto order confirmed

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