How do humans depend on the environment in vencie italy?

Corine Brown asked a question: How do humans depend on the environment in vencie italy?
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💉 How do the people of italy depend on their environment?

  • How do the people depend on their environment? In Italy, farmers harvest crops for food. They grow olive trees and use the olives to make olive oil that is exported throughout the world. Also, grapes are grown in vineyards that are made into wine.

💉 How are humans affecting the environment in italy?

  • Human Environment Interaction: How Humans Affect the Environment ~ There are some poachers in Italy that are taking wildlife from national parks, are killing them. ~ The people of Italy has been dumping trash, some of it toxic, around Naples. Which produces the best mozzarella. Human Environment Interaction: Environment Affects Humans

💉 How does the environment affect humans in italy?

Environmental Issues of Italy

Major environmental issues currently facing Italy include air pollution from energy and heating, transportation and industrial sources, polluted inland waters, acid rain, and insufficient industrial waste treatment and disposal programs.

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food and water.

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How are people in italy modified their environment?
  • That allowed them to take water from the tops of mountains down to them. Also, in Venice they built canals for transportation. Another way that people in Italy modify their environment is that they grow fresh produce such as tomatoes for sauce, grapes for wine, and olives for olive oil.
How do people in italy change their environment?

In Italy people change their environment by growing plants, helping there country grow better

How does the environment affect life in italy?
  • The innate environmental influence of the seas surrounding Italy, and the natural protection that is given by the Alpine barrier from the very cold north winds work together in giving the country a lovely temperate climate. Still, the weather depends on how close or how far you are from one of the seas or mountains.
How does the environment affect people in italy?

The weather is different in all parts of Italy and is constantly changing.

How does tourism affect the environment in italy?
  • Cruise ships, tour buses, heavy air traffic and tons of people stomping all over natural places are bound to take their toll on Italy as well. In Venice, built on a fragile ecosystem of canals in a natural lagoon, the effects of mass tourism are causing an environmental crisis.
How have people changed the environment in italy?

One of the ways in which people have changed the environment is by deforestation. Human beings in Italy have also established industries that cause negative effects to the environment.

How is the natural environment protected in italy?
  • Environmental protection at the natural environment in Italy. Strict EU regulations and an emerging environmental awareness of the governments lead to the implementation of increasingly stricter environmental protection laws for the natural environment in Italy. The Italian Ministry of Environment is increasingly cramping down on polluters.
What is the environment like in milan italy?

In Milan the environment is no good at all.For example: its one of the two places in Italy where it has the worst environment because no one cares for it. all everyone cares for is the famous Milan soccer team. ENJOY! (don't copy this)

What is the human-environment interaction in italy?
  • However, this interaction with the environment has possible environmental impacts such as modifying normal water currents and destroying native wildlife. The human-environment interaction in Italy dates back to earlier civilizations including the ancient Romans, who depended on rivers for water.
What kind of environment is found in italy?
  • Italy also includes the two nearby islands of Sicily and Sardinia, and dozens of other small Mediterranean islands. Ecosystems within Italy include the mountainous regions high in the Alps, temperate woodlands, coastal waters, freshwater river systems and shrub lands in the southern part of the country.
How do people adapt to the environment in italy?

they check the temperaturer u serious it is they adapt by idk really i was trying 2 find out

How do people interact with their environment in italy?

People interact with the environment in Italy by going to the beaches, walking through forrests, having nature walks, climbing mountains and skiing.also by cutting down trees for stores businesses and houses.

How is plastic waste affecting the environment in italy?
  • The impact of plastic waste on marine life and coastal environments is a huge public concern in Italy, as new figures show the country's 7,600 kilometres of coastline is more polluted than ever.
How do people modify their environment to live in italy?
  • Also, in Venice they built canals for transportation. Another way that people in Italy modify their environment is that they grow fresh produce such as tomatoes for sauce, grapes for wine, and olives for olive oil.
How have economic activities altered the natural environment of italy?
  • How have economic activities altered the natural environment of Italy? Italy has a lot of farming and technology can ruin the farming because not everyone will want to work in the farms and when the businesses go up they will want to work it the new buildings trees were cleared and deforestation lat animals graze.
What is the work environment and culture like in italy?
  • Overall, Italians have a well-balanced working culture when it comes to private life and work. They enjoy spending time with family and pursuing private interests in their own time. Your typical work week in Italy is Monday to Friday. Working hours are usually from 8:00 or 9:00 to 18:00 or 19:00, with a one-hour lunch break at around 13:00.
How have people in italy responded to changes in their environment?

by saying hello

Location place movement human environment interaction and region for milan italy?

Milan is one of the most popular cities in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. It is the fifth largest urban area and most populous in Italy, with an estimated population of around 5,264,000. Milan is the industrial, commercial and financial center of Italy and one of the leading global cities with stock exchanges, national banks, fashion and design. Over 6 million tourists visit Milan each year to experience the city's famous landmarks.

What do the people in italy do that affects the environment?

they adapted to the mountains like skeeing and planted crops in the south

What does the environment do that effects the people of italy?

I dont know thats what i am trying to figure out

Has the environment in italy changed or is it still the same?

its the same

Are venice's canals dangerous to humans?
  • Venice's canals are no longer 'foetid'. As for Weill's disease (leptospirosis), it is indeed nasty (although very rarely fatal) and is not exclusive to rats. Humans are generally infected by being in contact with infected soil or water during outdoor activities or via their profession (vet, sewer worker etc).
Did the viareggio train derailment affect the environment?


How did local farmers used the italian environment?

Italy is a garden of crops. The valley around Rome grows melons, figs, grapes, and all sorts of fruit and vegetables. In Southern Italy there are olives, and lemon trees.