How badly did chernobyl affect italy?

Reginald Cormier asked a question: How badly did chernobyl affect italy?
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After the Chernobyl accident serious concern spread throughout Italy about the possible effects of the consequent exposure to radioactivity on fetuses. A reduction of births in the first three months of 1987, and particularly in February (7.2% reduction in the birth rate), was observed throughout Italy.

How did the Chernobyl accident affect people in Europe?

  • People in Europe that were distant from the power plant did not know that they were breathing in the radioactive dust because “soviet authorities were slow to announce the Chernobyl accident”. They were breathing in radioactive material without knowing it. When the radioactive dust settled, it dropped and mixed in with European soil and water.

How did the Chernobyl accident affect Europe?

  • The Chernobyl power plant explosion dramatically impacted Europe and many other parts of the world as well. There has been many deaths, many radioactively polluted areas, and radioactive dust blown across Europe due to the Chernobyl accident.


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