Eu4 how to keep italy in the hre?

Mack Jaskolski asked a question: Eu4 how to keep italy in the hre?
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make peace with Venice, take 1-2 provinces for yourself, give Dalmatia to Hungary and return the Milanese core. always improve relations with the Pope as high as possible. marry (dont ally) Burgundy and improve relations. Attack when your relations are high enough so they won't immediately break the marriage off.


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💉 How did italy leave the hre?

When did Italy become part of the Holy Roman Empire?

  • From that time on, the Kings of Italy were always also Kings of Germany, and Italy thus became a constituent kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire, along with the Kingdom of Germany (regnum Teutonicorum) and – from 1032 – Burgundy.

💉 How do i keep italy in the hre?

  • Assuming you've picked the option to try and keep the italian states in the HRE, you need to beat the states you want to keep in the HRE in a war (you just need to win it, dont need to take any provinces) or have "good relations" with them. Idk what counts as good relations, but alliances definitely work.

💉 How do i play the roman empire in eu4?

  • The other way to play the Roman Empire is to restore the Roman Empire as Byzantium in Crusader Kings II and converting the save to EU4 using the Europa Universalis 4 Save Converter. Ironically the Roman Empire can reform into the Holy Roman Empire by revoking the privilegia.

💉 How do they keep venice italy from sinking?

City officials, the Italian government, and a consortium of Italy's largest construction and design firms believe they have the solution to this messy problem: line the bottom of the Venetian lagoon's three entrances with a series of 79 hollow steel gates that would be raised to hold back the sea in times of acqua alta ...

💉 How do you keep the hre in italy?

  1. restart if Poland rivals you.
  2. Marry (dont ally) Bohemia, marry & ally Hungary.
  3. Rival Venice and take the mission that gives you a claim to attack them…
  4. siege down venice's allies and then venice's provinces.

💉 How does austria add italian provinces to the hre?

  • This decision adds the emperor's (& subjects') Italian provinces to the HRE immediately, and prevents the Shadow Kingdom event forever. Thus, Austria can take some or all of the provinces with vassals or PUs, without needing to hold them directly to add them to the HRE as normal.

💉 How long can i keep my uk car in italy?

According to the UK Government, you can take your car abroad for up to 12 months. However, in Italy you are only allowed to import the vehicle for up to six months in any period of 12 months. Therefore, if you plan to keep your UK car in Italy for longer than six months, it must be registered in Italy.

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How can I keep money safe while traveling abroad?

  • Travelers in our forums recently shared their tips for keeping money and other necessities safe while traveling abroad. For example, some minimize pickpocketing risk by investing in an inconspicuous day pack, or splitting cash and credit cards with a travel partner. Below are some other useful strategies.

💉 Is the whole of northern italy in hre?

  • All of Northern Italy except for the Venezia Island is in HRE and I can't take the decision.

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Is there a map of italy in eu4?
  • The funny thing is that, the developers just had to see a map of Italy in the eu4 start date time to create and implement this system, but they never did. Now let's see what all of this is about:
Is tuscany part of the hre?
  • At least 1 province of the areas Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Piedmont or Lombardy or Urbino (2977), Ancona (119), Perugia (2976), Verona (108), Treviso (1774), Friuli (111) or Roma (118) is not part of the HRE. This event has not yet occurred. The Emperor of the HRE has not enacted the decision ‘ Rein in Northern Italy ’.
What countries are part of rome in eu4?
  • Roman Empire does not exist. The country: owns all provinces of the regions of Italy, France, Iberia, Balkans, Anatolia and Mashriq. What countries can form Rome in Eu4? France, Aragon, Naples, to some extent even Austria, the Ottomans, Coptic Mamluks, Byzantium (if you beat the Ottomans in the first war).
When did the hre leave italy?

This “multinational polity” formally went into dormancy on 6 August 1806 when the Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (from 1804, Emperor Francis I of Austria) abdicated, following a military defeat by the French under Napoleon, who reorganized much of the Empire into the Confederation of the Rhine, a French satellite.

Where is milan in eu4?
  • EU4 Nation Guides Milan starts in one of the highest developed area of Northern Italy in game. Your capital of Milan is also one of the most developed provinces at start and after a few events it becomes a province with the most development.
Why did the italian states leave the hre?

As in “It's our money and we're not going to give it to the Emperor”. The first entities to leave de facto the HRE were the municipalities in Northern Italy, where Europe had begun the climb out of the Middle Ages, as the feudal land-based economy was gradually replaced by trade and manufacturing.