Can one create a franchise in italy?

Blanche Lemke asked a question: Can one create a franchise in italy?
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Foreign companies can also enter the Italian market by establishing a franchise agreement… The general stipulations of a franchise contract are established under the Law No. 129/2004, but other legal acts are also available, such as the Consumer Code or the Code of Intellectual Property.


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💉 Can i enter italy with one way ticket?

Don't worry. No one will ask you for anything. You can stay up to 3 months without a visa. #2, not so: read here (from Italy's Foreign Office website):

💉 Can i use my credit one mastetcard in italy?

  • Nearly all merchants in Italy accept Visa and MasterCard, and the vast majority accept American Express. The Discover card is also widely accepted. As with any trip outside of the United States, you’ll want to make sure to use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

💉 Can one take a walking tour of milan italy?

  • Milan is trendy and tends to be on the cutting edge of fashion and design and most recently foodie breaks which have become very popular. The Brera area of Milan is known for its foods and you can take a Milan foodie walking tour that will introduce you to the flavors and tastes that you will only find on a Milan city tour.

💉 How can i book a train for one day in italy?

  • shows a full day’s trains in the search results (not just an hour or two like other train booking sites), can book up to 20 people at a time (Trenitalia only books up to 5 people), and highlights the cheapest trains for each route.

💉 How can one have a permit to live in italy?

Non-EU citizens must first apply for a temporary residence permit which is issued for a period of 5 years, followed by the application for the Italian permanent residence permit. In other words, a non-EU citizen must live in Italy for 5 years prior to applying for permanent residence.

💉 How did cities of italy help create the renaissance?

Italy had three advantages that made it the birthplace of the Renaissance: thriving cities, a wealthy merchant class, and the classical heritage of Greece and Rome. Overseas trade, spurred by the Crusades, had led to the growth of large city-states in northern Italy. The region also had many sizable towns.

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90 days

You are allowed to travel to Italy and to all other members of the Schengen Area for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa, as long as your U.S. passport is valid for at least 3 months after your planned return to the United States!

💉 How to create a clothing brand made in italy?

How to find the ideal Italy clothing manufacturer for your brand?

  • If you have the vision but need the connections, Sewport can help you find the ideal Italy clothing manufacturer to team with your new fashion label. Located in the heart of Europe, Italy borders France, Switzerland, Vatican City, Slovenia and San Marino and has a population of around 61 million.

💉 If you can only go to one city in italy?

If you visit just one city in Italy, make it Rome! Not because it's the largest city with the biggest population or because it's the capital city, but because of its history and architecture that has no equals in the entire world!

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Yes. they don"t have colonies any more so we could rule out different zones for them.

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Lateran Treaty, also called Lateran Pact of 1929, treaty (effective June 7, 1929, to June 3, 1985) between Italy and the Vatican. It was signed by Benito Mussolini for the Italian government and by cardinal secretary of state Pietro Gasparri for the papacy and confirmed by the Italian constitution of 1948.

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Garibaldi's march to “liberate” the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in 1860 brought the southern peninsula into the fold, and the new Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed on March 17, 1861, with the royal family of Piedmont-Sardinia as the new ruling monarchs of Italy.

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