Are lamborghinis german?

Amya Stark asked a question: Are lamborghinis german?
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A car company

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Lamborghinis are manufactured at Italy, but owned by the German Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Audi is German. Source: Wikipedia.

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Are lamborghinis made in michigan?

I am sorry but your hypothesis is incorecct, inside every lamborghini no matter what make it always states that they are made in Italy.

Do lamborghinis come from italy?

Yes. Audi bought the company in 1998 so parts may now come from Audi, however the factory is still in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. In 2011, Lamborghini produced 1,711 vehicles.

Do lamborghinis have air conditioning?


How many people like lamborghinis?

Millions... Billions... Dude everyone like Lamborghinis!

What are lamborghinis made of?

lamborghinis are made or carbonfibre pannels and some aluminium ones and leather for the interior and some carbon fibre swithches and stuff and a special light alloy engine

What state are lamborghinis made?


What was lamborghinis first car?

I read a book and it said "The first car made by Lamborghini is called the 360 GT."

Where are lamborghinis made at?

Lamborghinis are made in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. It's very close to Modena, Maranello, and Bologna.

Where can you find lamborghinis?


Are lamborghinis banned on the us?


Are lamborghinis or ferraris more popular?


Do they make lamborghinis in detroit?

No they are made in Italy and Germany

What are the acceleration of lamborghinis?

1.21 gigawatts

What country produces the most lamborghinis?

Italy produces the most lamborghinis

What state do they sell lamborghinis?


What states are lamborghinis illegal in?


Which country has the most lamborghinis?

With 2,374 units, the USA region remains the largest single market, followed by Greater China (770), the UK (658), Japan (641), Germany (562), the Middle East (387), Canada (376) and Italy (370).

Why are lamborghinis made in italy?

They are not made in Italy, they are made in Germany. But they are Italian cars.

Why don't lamborghinis have number plates?

Lamborghinis DO have number plates as any road-worthy car must.

How many gears does a lamborghinis have?

Most Lamborghinis have six gears, but some of the newer and higher-powered models, such as the Aventador, have seven.